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Membership Application or Renewal

Track Care WA Inc. is a non-profit organisation. All work and administration is carried out by volunteers (non-paid). Our mission is to support organisations, government bodies, and programs in the sustainable management and environmental protection of vehicular tracks including those of cultural & heritage significance. Our aim is to facilitate the preservation of these tracks for generations to come so they too can enjoy the privileges, which we have today.

Please Note: Important information on Track Care WA Inc. business/activities is normally obtained by attendance at our monthly meetings, or via dissemination on the Track Care WA Inc. website, and/or emails to members.

Personal information submitted is used solely for membership and Track Care WA Inc purposes.

Data is not sold or disclosed to any third parties.

Meetings: Held on the last Wednesday of every month (except December) at 43/45 Star Street, Carlisle (Uniting Church), commencing at 7pm.

Type of Membership: Two types of Membership are offered. Active participation is sought at all levels of membership.

Full Membership of $80.00 is open to all persons, groups, associations and organisations that satisfy the Committee that their aims and objectives are aligned with Track Care WA Inc. A Full membership carries one full vote. Members are encouraged to be involved in the running of the association.

Associate Membership of $40.00 is open to all persons, groups, associations and organisations interested in and wishing to contribute to Track Care WA Inc (financially and/or as a volunteer) but Associate membership carries no voting rights.

NOTE: Pensioners & Seniors Card holders can renew their full membership for $70.00 and Associate membership for $35.00 with proof of senior status.

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