Track Care WA Incorporated was formed in 1997 by four-wheel drive recreationalists concerned that the tracks they loved using were at risk of being loved to death.   Track Care’s primary objective is to “maintain access for the future” so that off-road vehicle bush-tracks will remain accessible for four-wheel drive recreational purposes.

Our History
Our History

As well as helping to protect the environment and maintain tracks, Track Care members assist in conserving relics of Western Australia’s pastoral heritage. Members use four-wheel drive vehicles to transport construction material to remote Outback areas and undertake work such as repairing dilapidated homesteads and other buildings.

One of Track Care’s recent projects was restoration work on the former Woolgorong Station out-camp, 170 kilometres north-east of Geraldton. Taken up by Michael Morrissey in 1873, Woolgorong was one of the earliest pastoral leases in the Midwest. The out-camp was built in the late 1800s and was the original station homestead until 1907 when a new homestead was constructed in a location more central to the property. Woolgorong is now one of the proposed Ranger Parks, having been purchased by the Western Australian Government for conservation.

our history

Track Care members also work to maintain a balance between four-wheel drive recreation and conservation by working with non-government Outback land managers to achieve shared goals. The Canning Stock Route provides many such examples.

Our history
  • In 2014, with guidance from the leaseholder of Cunyu Station, electrified fencing was erected to protect Well 4B from large feral animals and water control bunds were installed to mitigate soil erosion along the track.
  • In 2015, in conjunction with Birriliburu Rangers, a walk trail, fence and interpretive sign shelter was installed at Windich Springs together with a shelter and other signage on the track to Well 9.
  • More cooperative work with the construction of the Lumpu Ranger Base adjacent to Well 49 on the Canning Stock Route in conjunction with Ngurrara Rangers who are based in the small community of Djugerari (also known as Cherrabun) south-east of Fitzroy Crossing.