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Track Care encourages safe working practices at all times and we recognise that correct chainsaw usage plays an important part in this strategy. Most organisations that Track Care work with have some sort of safety policy that requires volunteers to have appropriate certification for the equipment they use, therefore our membership needs to undertake training as appropriate.

To help you gain your certification in chainsaw usage, Track Care will subsidise the course cost by 50% thereby saving you $137.50. This course is only for those members who actively volunteer their time on projects so please consider this before enrolling. Note that the date that is listed for this event is NOT the date of the course.  That’s for you to choose when registering with the trainer.

Track Care will also have available 2 chainsaws and safety equipment for projects. Those who use their own chainsaw will need their own suitable protective equipment.

The general meeting approved a budget for 8 participants for this course but the registration here is limited to 3 as there are members who have either completed the course already or who have committed but for some reason cannot register straight away but need to be counted in the final numbers.

To take advantage of this offer you need to do;

  1. Register for the course on this website.
  2. Wait until you get approval from Track Care to go ahead.
  3. Register for the course directly with the course provider with the date of your choice. Download details here.
  4. Pay for the course in full with the provider.
  5. Apply for a rebate from Track Care.  A course certificate will be required as proof of completion.
  6. Volunteer for the next project requiring chainsaws!

If we are oversubscribed to this offer,  there is another event that you can register your interest here and it may be provided again but budget approval will be required from another general meeting. For those who want more information please email Graham Webber



This event is fully booked.