WANDOO CLEAN UP #8 - ***Now Closed***


8:45 am - 4:00 pm


Bookings closed

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Duration:  All Day – (8:45am – 15:00pm/16:00pm)

Location:  BP Truck Stop, The Lakes
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Google Maps:   BP The Lakes
GPS:                -31.875038,116.320512

Although announced at the last Club General Meeting as a Trees On Tracks/Car Body hybrid event, due to a key person for the car-lifting segment having another personal commitment on that day, we will be proceeding this time as a singular Major (Exciting) Tree Clearing event!

Already, 7 of our keen seasoned Members have booked their places via our web site prior to this extra detail being released. We would like at least another 8 participants to join with them.  N.B.  a couple of members of the Toyota Land Cruiser Club have enquired about getting involved too.

In addition to them, space is available for 3 or 4 more Members who have camera/videography recording skills that they are willing to share; and New Members or The Curious who would like to see if/how they can fit in to our Club.

In this Clean Up, we will be dealing with 25 – 30 situations where trees affect the easy passage of vehicles.

We have a short section of road that requires some trimming of scratchy encroaching “Parrot Bush”  Banksia Sessilis; battery powered  and extendable-handle tree loppers are very useful here! (We’ll also be christening our new “Minimum Clearing Width Gauge”, which is an old hockey stick!)

There are 4 Jumbo Trees in a reasonable cluster that we’ll come across quite early, after which we’ll celebrate with Morning Tea; and a little later, nearer to Lunch time we’ll meet up with a very interesting Multi-segmented Jumbo fallen tree! Our Certificated chainsaw operators are excited by these challenges, (always with an eye to safe practices).

Those of us with battery powered and manual cutting equipment facilitate ease of access for them by clearing away the smaller branches, etc before they start their performance!

In between there is an assortment of light/medium branches to pick-up; moving of trunks away from the road; and chain-sawing trunks and branches that are intruding into the track. We use manual leverage, drag-chain and winching methods as appropriate. And follow through with rakers and sweeper/shovelers to remove almost all trace of where the obstruction had been!

We continue to amaze ourselves at how proficient we are becoming at dealing with them all – big and small! We look forward to welcoming you all and of having a great day out, during which we will have made a very tangible difference in providing “Access for the Future”, and also had the personal benefit of being enfolded within the beauty and ambience of The Wandoo!!

Trip Leader:   David Cowley    0407196770     dcowley.au@gmail.com


This event is fully booked.