Wandoo Flash Project 1


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Hi Fellow Wandooians
The idea has germinated to do as many as 4 “Flash” Cleanups before Christmas. The concept is to put together groups of 5 or so, as and when it’s possible; with participants committing to any group event on a once off basis.

David Peck is willing to lead a team(s) on any Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday that he deems to be safe to do so and David Cowley will lead a team out on Thursdays.

The first event is Thursday the 9th November. Weather forecast is – Cooler, 25C.

The target area will be the one marked A on the accompanying map – Catchment Road/Drubble Road.  Download it here
A more detailed description of the project can be downloaded here.
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These road sections are mostly pick up and chainsaw, with 7 Move trees (slightly bigger). No Big ones.

The process will be to respond swiftly to the Event(s) that are notified from time to time on the Member website. Doing it that way will help the Club keep track of things, as well as give “the un-initiated” a chance to join in as well. And we’ll be able to ensure that we have the right mix of skills and equipment for the day’s task(s).

If you can’t attend this event but would like to be put on the list or have any questions, or tweaks, please call David Cowley 0407196770.

Should we actually manage to do the Road Sections A, B, C and D (as per map), then we will have worked over all the main thoroughfares in the Park this year. Amongst other things, this will certainly prove to be a benefit to any Firies having to get around the area!


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