A big thank you to our volunteers!

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This was the first year that Track Care WA was represented at the Big Boys Toys Expo and a very positive experience it proved to be judging by the number of visitors to our display. Thank you to our volunteers who staffed our display over the weekend.

Just in case you missed the event, The Big Boys Toys Expo is a dynamic family event, featuring interactive and innovative stands and entertainment, attended by huge crowds.

Essentially a Family Show, Big Boys Toys Expo brings fun and entertainment to every region it attends, with an array of exhibitors showcasing Cars, Fishing Gear, Caravans, Camping Gear, Motors, Bikes, Jetskis, Boats, Skateboards and Sporting gear – all mixed with some major entertainment and displays of cars both new and old, sprinkled with exciting “toys” for the old and young, men and women (and lots of kids too).