On 16 April 2012, eleven vehicles and twenty two volunteers from Track Care WA left Perth to construct another 3 toilets on the Canning Stock Route. The new toilets are at Wells 3, 12 and 26, complementing the existing ones previously constructed at Wells 6, Georgia Bore and Durba Springs. Equipment for the trip was generously financed by grants from the Pilbara Development Commission and Lotteries West, and the Project was supported by the Traditional Owners of the applicable areas. We enjoyed the company of a group of Birriliburu Rangers who assisted with the construction of the toilet at Well 12. All the existing toilets were serviced and camping grounds tidied up, wildlife removed from some wells, and many of the wells were pumped out several times to flush fresh water in before the travelling season. It was noticeable that the track and campgrounds were generally very clean, that the track was in very good condition, a lot of wildlife was visible, and the countryside was green and flowering already. Prickles are growing prolifically in just a few areas and travellers are asked to check and clean tyres at every well to ensure these are not being spread along the track. Please collect firewood away from campsites and enjoy a campfire but keep them small. Keep well covers closed to stop animals getting in and dying. There were already several groups on the track, and it was noted a small minority are still not deflating tyres sufficiently. Vehicles will have little trouble getting over sandhills with tyres at 18 to 24 psi, and providing the rocky areas and corrugations are travelled slowly, the pressures do not need to be varied for changes in terrain.

We were just behind a group from SA who apparently held a memorial service there for a mate who had a heart attack and died at Well 14 in 2003.

There are now donation boxes at Well 6, Durba Springs, and Well 26. It was found that the Dunny Cart at Durba Springs had just been emptied (presumably by the local TO Ranger Group), and the Campground cleaned up and a new Information Shelter erected.

Future Track Care Projects under consideration are ; A hand pump at Midway Well; Well 33 Campground Well and Toilet; develop infrastructure at Windich Springs including Campgrounds, Toilet, Information Shelter, Fence to keep vehicles away from the Billabong; and repair platform timbers at Wells 3, 12, 15, and 18.

The Kuju Wangka Group representing all the TO’s of the CSR are working on a Draft Management Strategy out which is a detailed look at the future of the Canning Stock Route.

Many thanks to the wonderful groups who take the time to empty the dunny carts under the toilets. The toilets all have new lime in the drums and cleaning brushes. Please help keep them clean. We wish you safe and enjoyable travelling on the CSR.

Ben – CSR Coordinator Track Care WA


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