Terms & Conditions

Track Care is a volunteer run organisation that relies on its members to take an active role in all its activities, whether they be social, practical or administrative. We expect that all members treat each other with the respect and kindness that you would like to have yourself treated.

Our members


1. Pay their fees on time
2. Participate in Track Care WA events and projects where possible
3. Be a role model within the 4WD community
4. Attend monthly meetings where possible
5. Respect the directions of Trip Leaders, Project Managers etc
6. Always promote safe and responsible 4WD activities
7. Obey any rules that may apply to the setting you are in
8. Communicate your views to the Executive
9. Respect club property and equipment
10. Familiarise yourself with the various Track Care policies
11. Have fun and get involved

Our members

should not

1. Participate in any activity which would bring the club into disrepute
2. Harm your fellow members, the public or the environment
3. Perform any illegal or irresponsible act that may damage the club or its members