Since Track Care’s inception, our group has completed a wide range of projects.

The following is a list of the projects that Track Care has undertaken around Western Australia.


  • March – Caravan and Camping Show
  • March – Wandoo Night Drive
  • March – Rangelands Recce
  • March – Leonard Track Maintenance
  • Various times – Wandoo Clean-up many times this year
  • April – Avon Gazebo
  • May – Jack’s Shack
  • May – Pindathuna Cottage
  • Various Times – Chainsaw Training
  • August – CSR Well 46 Repair
  • August- Narloo Homestead
  • November – 4WD & Adventure Show
  • November – Yeagarup Beach Clean-up


  • February – Wandoo by Night Excursion
  • March – Caravan & Camping Show
  • April – Wandoo Sign Survey
  • April – Winnemia Camp Construction & Solar Eclipse
  • June – CSR Annual Maintenance Trip
  • July – Wandoo Track Clearing
  • September – Warriedar Shearers Quarters Restoration
  • September – Gathering of the Clans
  • October – Well 5 Toilet Installation
  • October – Wandoo Clean-up
  • November – 4WD Adventure Show
  • November – Yeagarup Beach Clean-up
  • December – Wandoo Clean-up


  • August – Canning Stock Route audit.
  • October – Winnemia Camp restoration.
  • November – Yeagarup Beach cleanup.


  • March – Wilbinga Code of Road Brochure distribution.
  • April – Narloo Station homestead clean up.
  • October – Plastic Research Beach Collection.
  • November – Yeagarup Beach Clean-up.
  • Warrigal Wetlands bollard & signage install.

2020 – 2019

  • COVID put all projects on-hold.


  • March – Warriedar Homestead survey.
  • November -Yeagarup Beach Clean-up


  • May – CSR. Well 18. Inspect previous work. Clean out trough. Install new bucket. Remove buffel grass.
  • Durba Springs. Repair trailer wheels on dunny cart. Service toilet. Clean BBQs.
  • Well 15. Construct new toilet, service well.
  • Well 6 (Pierre Spring) Service toilet. Pump out well. Clean BBQs.
  • Windich Springs – Service toilet & BBQs.
  • Carnarvon Range. Service Yamada & Good Camp.
  • Wandoo Woodlands clean up.
  • June – Damperwah. Sourcing fence posts on Station. Erected fence around third cottage. Plaques installed at Rothesay Lonely Graves.
  • June – CSR. Well 49. Establish a Ranger station. Construct toilet. Set up solar bore pump. Fence around grave. Travelled south to Georgia Bore. Dunnies serviced & cleaned & limed
  • July – Wandoo Woodlands repair & replace signs.


  • January/February – Blaze Aid. Grasspatch (Esperance fires) Removing burnt fences etc. Erecting new fencing.
  • April – Riding for Disabled, Capricorn Group Old Pinjar road in Pinjar Cleanup of area for bush riding.
  • Wandoo Woodlands.
  • May – CSR. Well 18 refurbishment.
  • Wilbinga clean up.
  • Blue Hills Station. Hand pump installation at windmill.
  • July – Lake Mason recce. Gus Luck Track.
  • October – Damperwah State Farm. Fencing around cottages & clean up.
  • Nov – Yeagarup Beach Cleanup


  • February – Camel Camp. Assessment. Narndee lease holders Rob & Julie Broadhurst supportive.
  • Wellington State Forest cleanup of forest camp sites by SW4WD Club.
  • April – Warriedar. Repairs to homestead, shearers quarters, saddle shed. CSR signs project.
  • Well 2. Yiwarra Kuju (One track many stories)
  • Windich Spring. 3 huge panels in information shelter (Indigenous dot painting style) Also information about early years of CSR.
  • Well 5. Welcome to Wiluna Martu & Birriliburu country.
  • Well 6. Same as Windich Spring.
  • May – Wilbinga clean up. Wandoo Woodlands – ongoing liaison & signage.
  • June – CSR. Well 12. Complete reconstruction of well. Replace sleepers down well, re-furbish well covers & ground level platform Weld Springs/Windich Spring. Strengthen rails on information shelters.
  • Well 6. (Pierre Spring) Replace rails on pine log fence around well.
  • Carnarvon Range. Service camp sites at Good Camp & Yamada. Construct water bar on new track near Good Camp to prevent water erosion. (Backhoe from Ellenbrook Tree Farm supplied & brought in by Woodroffe family)
  • August – Mungkulu. Established a complete campsite. 21 vehicles. Almost 4 tonnes of gear was carried across Gibson Desert in a 4 day journey followed by 3 days of construction & 1 day of storytelling & sightseeing by former inhabitants of this extremely remote location.
  • Wilbinga Track information signs installed.
  • September – Narloo. Roof repair, painting, replacing parts of wall in bedroom.Gabyon – Inspection of historic shearers quarters kitchen for possible restoration.
  • Warriedar. Repairs. Visit to Thundelarra & Burnabinmah.
  • September – Dirk Hartog Island clean-up & catering for work crew.
  • November – Yeagerup Dunes clean up.


  • March – CSR. Windich Spring. Repair existing fence. Erect 5.3 kms fence to control erosion.
  • Well 3. Replace top timbers.
  • April – Woolgorong Outstation. Install doors & windows, paint. Rendering of walls completed.
  • May – Warriedar. Replace white ant eaten floor in quarters, doors fitted, hand pump on bore.
  • Dewars Track clean-up & inspection.
  • June – Yamada (Carnarvon Range) Create camp site. Install toilet, water tanks, roof for water collection, picnic tables. (Huge job)
  • August – Narloo. Remove white ant eaten walls & rebuild, re-roof verandah, hand pump on bore, install toilet.
  • November – Yeagarup Dunes clean up in conjunction with Pemberton Discovery Tours & DPaW


  • February – Lennard Track clean up by SW4WD Club.
  • April – CSR. Windich Spring. Install toilet, erect fence, information shelter, walk trail.
  • Weld Spring (Well 9), Information shelter.
  • Well 6 (Pierre Spring). Indigenous dedication ceremony attended by Indigenous people, politicians, army personnel supplying facilities, and by invitation TCWA work party. TCWA blue shirts created a very favourable impression. Travelling north, servicing toilets, wells & BBQs.
    Durba dunny is working well.
  • Georgia Bore seriously downgraded due to activities of mining company. (Hand pump removed from Conzinc Rio Tinto bore. Two tanks installed with diesel powered pump which travellers can also access. Track around tanks now deep soft sand due to large mining vehicles circling. Dead straight road pushed through from near Cotton Creek to Lake Disappointment.)
  • April – Warriedar. Shearer’s quarters. Scraped down & paint external walls, install windows, pull down & rebuild double long drop toilet.
  • July – Woolgorong Outstation. Finished rebuilding external mud brick walls, render internal walls, re-roofing after cockeye bob damage.
  • November – Mount Jackson recce. Wilbinga clean up.
  • December – Wellington region Pile Road clean up by SW4WD Club.


  • April – Canning Stock Route. Wells 3,12 and 26. Installation of new toilet and servicing of existing ones. Wells pumped out. BBQs cleaned.
  • May – Warriedar Station. Homestead roof works. Painted doors and louvres. Retrieved shearing shed stumps and bearers and reused them in shearers quarters floor. Verandah reconstructed. NOTE: BBQ at homestead had been stolen.
  • July – Woolgorong outstaion. Verandah replaced. Roof and guttering replaced. Fallen mud brick walls almost restored. General clean up. Toilet built and transported to for storage near new Woolgorong Homestead. (M. Officer extended his congratulations on a job well done. Old homestead was her home for 35 years).
  • September – Warriedar Station. Shearers quarters work. Flooring, bedroom tables and internal walls.
  • September – Wilbinga. Coastal cleanup.
  • September – Power Lines. Clean up.
  • November – Camel Camp. Survey and inspection for possible restoration. Narndee owners very supportive.

2011 – 2010

  • 2010 (May) Well 6 (Canning Stock Route). Raised the toilet and installed cart and BBQ. Well 12 and Well 15. BBQ installations. Painted and serviced structures at Durba Springs. Raised toilet at Geogia Bore and installed a cart.
  • 2010 (May) Station survey. Warrieder, Thundelarra, Burnabinmah, Dalgaranga, Muggon and a clean up at Woolgorong.
  • 2010 (November) Warriedar. Clean up and repairs at homestead, shearing shed, shearers quarters and workshop.
  • 2011 (April) Wilbinga. Coastal cleanup.
  • 2011 (June) Warriedar. Indoor fittings and painting. Painted exterior walls and refitted French Doors. Repairs to timber work on verandahs, toilet, gutters etc. Very extensive work completed.
  • 2011 (July) Well 26 (CSR). Reconstruction of well. Extensive works and effort.
  • 2011 (August) Burnabinmah and Woolgorong outstation surveys. Clean up at Binthalia.

2009 – 2007

  • 2007 Well 6 (Canning Stock Route) hoist install.
  • 2008 (May) Georgia Bore (Canning Stock Route). Installation of toilet and BBQ. Modified hand pump.
  • 2008 (May) Repaired bore at entrance to Rudall River National Park. Installed information sign on Marble Bar Road south entry.
  • 2008 (July) Neale Junction. Installation of toilet and moved BBQ from intersection. Removed tank from old site and erected with roof for water collection. Information panels erected.
  • 2009 (April) Durba Springs (CSR). Rebuilt burnt out toilet and installed BBQ. Completed renovations of Georgia Bore (CSR) toilet.
  • 2009 (September) Wanjarri Station. Moved water tank to cottage and installed guttering. Built fence around the windmill and installed a drop toilet.

2006 – 1996

  • Unfortunately no records are available between 1996 – 2006 .

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