Our projects cover the width and breadth of Western Australia, always with the goal of preserving locations that have a significant environmental, cultural or historical impact on the state. These projects would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and partners.

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Track Care started its work in the desert, refurbishing wells and installing toilets along the iconic Canning Stock Route. Our work continues with various projects and partnerships in some of the remotest parts of Western Australia, ensuring that these out of the way places remain accessible now and into the future.

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Our Coastal Projects aim to ensure that beach access is maintained by undertaking track maintenance, rubbish removal and education. Our yearly Yeagarup Beach Project is extremely popular with members and their families heading south for a weekend of hard work and fun in the Yeagarup Sand Dunes.

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Our Rangeland Projects still involve red dirt, however the distances travelled are not quite as far as our Desert ones. We work closely with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, on reclaimed pastoral leases. This work usually involves refurbishing existing structures and facilities for visitor use. We also work with private pastoral lease holders in improving their own visitor facilities.

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