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07/08/2024 - 14/08/2024    
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Why Karalee Rocks? Located about 50 km eastwards of Southern Cross, this magnificent granite outcrop is an ideal free camp between Perth and Kalgoorlie. It’s just one of several granite formations popular with campers across the Western Australian wheatbelt. Karalee Rock is steeped in history, dating back thousands of years when Aboriginal people camped here and collected water from the rock’s gnamma holes and soaks. Early explorers, sandalwood cutters, and gold seekers also found refuge here. The rock’s fascinating past includes its role as a rainwater catchment for steam trains on the Eastern Railway from Perth to the Goldfields. The enormous rock catchment, surrounded by six kilometres of granite slab walls, directed rainwater into a 48.3 million-litre dam via a semi-circular steel flume aqueduct. This engineering marvel, conserved by the National Trust of Australia (WA), still stands today. And is part of the proposed work in the area.  But it’s not ALL work. We will be visiting Mount Clara and surrounds for one of our days on site.

Convoy Departure: Meet us at the Lakes BP service station, where the Great Eastern Highway meets the Great Southern Highway. We’ll gather at 8:30 am and leave at 9:00am sharp, revving our engines for an epic day of sightseeing ahead.  You can make your own way to the meeting point by getting to Mundaring and following this map.

If you wish, you may make your own way to Karalee rocks and meet us there in the afternoon.  Please add to the comments whether you are or are not part of the convoy.

Explore the Scenic Route: Our route takes us through the picturesque old Goldfields road, winding through charming towns like York and Burracoppin which was the original road to Kalgoorlie. Feel the breeze, soak in the views, and let the open road lead you to Karalee Rocks.  On the way, we will be taking in sights or historic and natural interest.  The roads will be bitumen and “made” gravel road.

Tow the Tool Trailer, Be a Hero: Can you tow our tool trailer? We might need your help! If you’re up for the challenge, add a note in your registration comments. Let’s make this trip even more epic together.

Want to know more?

Follow this link to see more about Karalee Rocks!

Mark Your Calendar: Spread the word, rally your friends, and let’s create memories that’ll last a lifetime. Adventure awaits—see you at Karalee Rocks!




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