Karalee Rocks Trip 1


01/07/2024 - 08/07/2024    
All Day


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This is the beginning of a long term project to get the area tidy and functional as a camping area.  Additionally, we need to get the water catchment functional so that the dam can be filled and stabilised.
We need three team leaders managing 3 other team members to cut trees and scrub from the dam area of the rocks.  Then we need another team leader and three team members to refurbish the camp area.

To do this we will need a total of four teams of four people to do the two components above.  We will need another team dedicated to the publicity and recording of progress.  Part of our contract is to give National Trust WA a monthly progress report for all work done.  This means we need at least two video/photographers and reporters to write trip reports, completion reports for the National Trust WA, Facebook posts and updates for the website.

In total the best number of attendees will be twenty with four people working on publicity and reporting.  If you wish to lead a team please choose the team Leader Ticket, otherwise choose the Team Member ticket.  We are experimenting with this to see how it goes so please be patient.

The total duration will be 8 days including travel assuming you will Drive to Karalee Rocks on day 1 and leave on day 8.  We will have a pre-start meeting on Tuesday July 6 assuming you have arrived on Monday July 1.  The project continues until Sunday July 7 when we will have a project close out meeting with information supplied by the reporting team.  Monday July 8 being the day people will pack up and depart.

Bookings will close on June 28, so be quick!

You can choose to come along for part of the project to help a team so the numbers may vary on any particular day however the project will be limited to 20 participants in addition to Kevin Hogg who will be overseeing the project and Graham who will most likely just be faffing about!



Bookings are closed for this event.