We had nine Track Care members turn up for the first clean-up of the Wandoo National Park. We turned into Mt Observation and headed south on Catchment road and starting on some of the fallen trees and branches obstructing the track.


Track Care has paid for training for some of its members, and safety equipment, so they are able to use petrol powered chainsaws, and Stihl Osborne Park kindly provided two for the day. Being able to use them greatly increased what we were able to do, and made it quicker and easier. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pw/AP1GczM3jNA7GEU7_uOEue2DzvzAO9PBMta5EofKcp_c0izeLHaMXcSEQ4Ek0sH0KwrqAR6kC6RVbTdQVEJSXzo8wi9j2f1AfKwcqj61EnhbH7NcMJdCbIRX861stxQz4zlHx56lih2OI3JQKxRevjdkk5I=w1680-h776-s-no-gm?authuser=0


There were several branches blocking the intersection of Pony road and having several people helping made short work of cutting them into manageable pieces and moving them off the track.

We split up here with half the group continuing down Catchment road to clear another fallen tree, this time needing to use the big Stihl MS500i which made short work of it.

The others had stopped on Pony road to start clearing rubbish. Firstly the floor of a caravan, which needed to be dug out.

After a stop for morning tea we continued west for a couple of km and removed the remains of the floor and walls and later the door, which also needed to be dug out.

We split up again with the trailer continuing on Pony road where a dumped fridge was collected and lunch was had under the shade.

The other group went up Wundabiniring road and cleared multiple fallen trees and branches, and in typical style raked the leaves off the track when they were finished.

C:\Users\User\Documents\Track Care\Projects\Wandoo\RUBBISH\23-3-24 clean up (5).jpg

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