The construction of a wooden gazebo, measuring an impressive 12 meters, in Northam at the corner of Ord Street and Broome Terrace, adjacent to the serene Avon river, was a project that required meticulous planning, skilful execution, and the dedicated efforts of a team of individuals. This project was undertaken by a collaborative effort involving members from the Northam Rotary Club, the Avon Valley Environmental Society, and Track care. The project took a total of three days to complete, from the initial preparations to the final touches.

The first day of this project was dedicated to an essential preliminary task: treating the wood that would form the primary structure of the gazebo. This process was crucial to ensure the longevity and durability of the timber, protecting it from potential damage caused by environmental factors such as moisture, pests, and UV rays. The treatment process involved applying a protective coating to the wood, ensuring that it would withstand the test of time and remain a sturdy, reliable structure for years to come.

The site chosen for the construction of this gazebo was an existing paved brickwork area. This location offered an ideal base for the gazebo, being both structurally sound and visually pleasing. The combination of the brickwork and the wooden gazebo created an aesthetically appealing contrast, adding a touch of rustic charm to the landscape.

Following the wood treatment, the subsequent days were dedicated to the erection of the gazebo. The team, consisting of approximately 10 individuals, worked together diligently, employing their skills and knowledge to bring the gazebo to life. The team members, hailing from the aforementioned organizations, demonstrated a high level of commitment and dedication, ensuring that each phase of the construction process was carried out with precision and care.

The gazebo was erected with a focus on creating a space that was not only visually appealing but also functional. The final structure, standing tall at 12 meters, offered a shaded area where people could relax, enjoy the view of the Avon River, and engage in community activities. The gazebo, with its sturdy wooden structure and proximity to the river, served as a testament to the collaborative efforts of the Northam Rotary Club, Avon Valley Environmental Society, and Track care, and their commitment to enhancing the community landscape.

In conclusion, the construction of the 12-meter wooden gazebo in Northam was a project that involved careful planning, skilled execution, and the collective efforts of a dedicated team. From the initial treatment of the wood to the final erection of the gazebo, every stage of the construction process was carried out with precision and care. The result was a beautiful, functional structure that added value to the community and served as a lasting symbol of collaboration and dedication.

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