If you are on Facebook and subscribe to the various CSR groups, you would know that there has been significant flooding at various places along the entire route. Track Care is built on the premise that we have “Access for the Future” and we do not want to do anything that would jeopardise access to any track let alone the iconic CSR. There have been a lot of comments on FB stating things like “why are you chewing up the track”, “tour groups should know better” etc so it’s not in our interest to generate bad press about Track Care.

The access from Billiluna south has been cut off for a few months now and this is a shot of Lake Gregory which is normally dry and is on the “flood bypass road” to Balgo. So this shuts down access to the CSR from the northern end

The shots below show the area around Well 25 which would stop us proceeding up to Kunawaritji (Well 33) as per our Plan B

And you can see the reason we do not want to cause any problems by going to areas under water. The shot below shows the area near Well 16 and although the area may dry out soon, the damage is already done. This would stop our progress up to Georgia bore from the Wiluna end so we have been snookered at every turn.

But all is not lost and there is still work to be done on the CSR with a Plan C trip about to be announced. Details of the trip will be on the website tomorrow.

Stay tuned – Rod Durston

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