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26/04/2024 - 27/04/2024    
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1 st Georges tce, Perth, Western Australia, 6000

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Anzac Weekend Camping Trip. April 2024

Important: Limited to 3 vehicles

Campground: Mount Madden Dam (entry from Hatters Hill Road) Dates: Friday, April 26th – Saturday, April 27th.
Camping: Caravans, campers, roof-top tents, and tents are all welcome.
Early Arrival Recommended: Arrive Thursday, April 25th for an early start on Friday morning.
•Day 1 (Friday): Explore East Lake King area (approx. 200km with 6 stops).
-Locate and document other Rock Wells in the area.
-Identify points of interest like Gnamma Holes.
-Gather information for potential future restoration projects, including condition, size, and access.

▪Field exploration with stops at various points of interest for exploration and documentation.
▪Group discussion and planning for potential well restoration, considering logistics and feasibility.
▪Trip leader will assign roles for the trip (e.g., tail-end Charlie, drone flyer, photographer, etc.)
•Day 2 (Saturday): Guided tour of Ravensthorpe surrounds led by Andrew Chapman.
Important Information:
This is a self-sufficiency trip. Be prepared with your own food, water, medical supplies, fuel, and vehicle maintenance needs.
This is for 4WD vehicles only. The trip leader will prioritize safety and avoid the most difficult terrain. However, expect some Hazards.
Walking, climbing, and pushing through thick scrub on occasion will be necessary. Those that choose not to, can remain with their vehicle on the track.
Hazards. will be involved, so proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is recommended.
UHF two-way radios are recommended for communication within the group.
The daily schedule may be adjusted to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. Listen attentively to announcements and briefings from the trip leader.
Special guests on the tour will provide informative talks about the area’s history and significance, please give your attention.
Trip Goals:
Document and record information on Rock Wells for potential restoration, including location, size, condition, and access.
Discuss and propose Well names (Toponyms) to the local Shire.
Develop a future accessible tourist route showcasing the Rock Wells and their stories.
Have a safe, informative, enjoyable, and memorable camping trip!
Please note: This trip prioritizes safety and may require adjustments to the schedule depending on weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.


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