Track Care is supporting research into micro plastic pollution on our southern shores.
Project Date: Sometime during September or October, 2021. Come for all or only part of the time!
Aim: to quantify the amount of micro plastic in the beach sand, and therefore our oceans.
Why: plastic pollution of our oceans is an increasingly serious issue. We will be helping researchers collect important data about the state of oceans and the impact of plastics on our coastline. This fits with our motto ‘Access for the Future’!
What will we be doing: Track Care may be involved in some or possibly all of the following activities:
?Quadrat sampling of the beaches,
?Sand depth sampling,
?Collection of macro plastics (beach clean up and sorting of plastics collected),
?Time lapse photography of the movement of plastics,
?Water sampling.
Where will we be camping: The camping location will be determined closer to the event, and is dependent on the weather. If the weather is too wet, we will need to find a different campsite. Not because Graham’s hair will get wet, but because of the risk of increasing the spread of dieback in the national park.
Are you interested: then, please fill in the form below. You will need to be self sufficient, and bring lots of winter woollies and a sense of adventure as well!

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