There is something immensely satisfying about being confronted by a large jumble of trunks, branches and leaves; methodically setting to work in cutting and clearing parts away until a “skinned rabbit” log is all that’s left; and then being able to move that cumbersome object out of the way of all future road traffic! A challenge faced, with immediate positive feedback and quiet delight upon overcoming it!

Our crews enjoyed that experience multiple times over the weekend of October 7th & 8th, 2023 – on our Annual Camp-Out Rubbish Clearance at the Wandoo National Park.

15 members of Track Care WA, aided and abetted by 5 able bodies from the Toyota Land Cruiser Club of WA, combined to remove more than 74 fallen timber obstacles and/or debris from 49.6km’s of the Wandoo National Park’s roads system over the weekend.

In just two trips this year (the first was on 23rd July), we have now traversed and cleared 101.3km’s of Wandoo roads!

Our arsenal this time was comprised of: rakes, several hand loppers, 1 cordless reciprocating saw, 2 cordless chainsaws, 1 petrol chainsaw (with Certificated Operator) and a Secret Weapon!

Our crew of Saturday “day-trippers”, corralled by David Peck, included a Recovery Unimog. When the Unimog was given the opportunity to “show it’s stuff”, it’s performance and results were astounding!! They were a lucky bunch of chaps to have such an assistant!

The next day, this inspired at least one of our other two “mere mortal” crews to successfully employ a drag chain to move much bigger trunks (than had previously been attempted) off the roads!

As we are gaining more experience on The Task, we are improving and adding to our techniques!

In addition to the road clearing, we also attended to clearing rubbish along the way. A big skip bin was filled (mostly with tyres!). The ongoing diligence of Park staff, our members and unknown others seems to be keeping the Park relatively litter free!

Starting to remove car wrecks that we have already located (10), was also considered this time, but it was realised that we need to strategise that differently – and firstly inspect and document each wreck closely to understand what we have to contend with. (A volunteer researcher … ?)

It can be safely said that we have already made a huge improvement in accessibility through the Park.

All are welcome to join in or tag-along on our outings – a multitude of skills are required alongside the “muscle”, chainsaws, loppers, trimmers and rakers. We also appreciate having Navigators, Recorders, Photographers, Writers, First Aiders and Sundry Supporters.

We are engaged in this (never-ending) Project with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Mundaring so that more and more people can be introduced to the “Wonderful Wandoo!” and its treasures. It’s also a great place for spending some time in for a personal recharge, too!

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