Warrigal Claypan Wetland Source: DBCA

Warrigal claypan wetland is a seasonal shallow and vegetated clay based wetland located in Wandoo National Park. This type of wetland has high conservation values such as containing a large number of local endemic plant species including Priority and Threatened flora. This type of wetland is also noted for its richness in aquatic macro invertebrate fauna and habitat for a variety of frog species. Most of the wetlands in the south West have been cleared and drained after European settlement and only those that still remain in near pristine condition are located in national parks and nature reserves.

A damaged portion of Warrigal Claypan Wetland Source: DBCA
An undamaged portion of Warrigal Claypan Wetland Source: DBCA

One of the major threats to the conservation values of this type of wetland is the impact of 4WD recreational vehicles forging an array of deep tracks traversing the claypans. To advert this impact at two other nearby wetlands (Little Darkin and Deefor Road wetlands) signs and barriers were erected bringing to the attention of 4WD recreational drivers of the conservation status of the wetlands. The effort has shown that once drivers realise the conservation importance of the wetlands they will divert from driving over them realising the damage it is causing.

The Warrigal Claypan Wetland project proposes:

  • To erect a number of small signs (10) bordering two forming up places to the wetland.
  • To erect two larger awareness signs at the entrance and exit points to the wetlands (within the forming up places).
  • To place a number of wooden bollards to demarcate the forming up/parking areas
  • To erect conservation signs naming the wetland: “Warrigal Conservation Wetland.”

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