Canning Corona Lockdown

By Jan Barrie Global Gypsies Tours
April 2020

Oh! To be out on the Canning!
Challenging dunes & corrugations,
Painted skies & starry nights
Instead I’m in bloody isolation!

Oh! To be round the campfire,
The flames make our camp look magic
But no! I’m stuck with domestic chores
Disaster for a Canning tragic!

Oh! To taste a warm damper
With a camp oven bubbling away.
Instead I’m washing my flipping hands
Fifty times a day!

Oh! To visit 51 wells
Following Canning & his crew.
But me, I’m counting days indoors –
I’m up to thirty-bloody-two!

Normally the track would be humming,
Four wheel drives pass in two’s & threes,
Sounds of engines, tyres pumping & two-ways,
But right now there’s just quiet desert peace.

One day when it’s ok to travel
We’ll be back on the great CSR
Treading lightly as we count our blessings –
Health AND nature! How lucky we are!

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