Earlier this month, Track Care Ian, Pierre and Bryce from Hema Maps to increase awareness within Hema Maps of what Track Care has done, is doing and can do.  Discussion centred around travel and collecting data, points of Interest and Dieback in WA.

HEMA Maps has developed a new program for collecting line and point of interest data while traveling.  The synergy between HEMA and Track Care revolves around the places we go, the work we do and the information we have.

Track Care have been asked to be alpha testers on the new software.  This will involve collecting data for HEMA maps to use with their maps.  All data would be collected where possible and the cleansed data would be available for Track Care to use.

This would mean that the data Track Care uses to determine distances and time on work at various sites would have two uses: recording the travel hours for our work and supplying pathway information for Hema Maps.  The synergy between Hema Maps and Track Care ‘roaming’ is huge and we are sure the relationship will be mutually beneficial.

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