Track Care started with projects on the CSR many, many years ago. We have worked with various communities to provide amenities for all. The focus has been on well refurbishment and dunny maintenance and construction.

Refurbished Wells 

The quality of the water in the Wells is as experienced in May / June / July 2017 & June 2018. It is recommended to boil water for at least 1 minute or use purifying tablets before drinking.   

Well  Review
Well 3
  Not pumped out in 2017. Water quality not too good.
Well 5  A long way to water. Not sure of the quality.
Well 6
  Pumped out in 2017, water quality good.
Well 12  Pumped out in 2017. Water quality good.
Well 15
  Refurbished in 2017. Water quality good
Well 18
  Refurbished 2016. Water quality good.
  Water quality good.
Wll 26 Tiwa  Pumped out in 2017. Water quality good.
Well 33
  A windmill at the site which fills a large tank with good quality water. 
Well 41  Refurbished in 2018. Water quality fair. 
Well 49
  Pumped out in 2017. Water quality good. 


The dunnies on the C.S.R have been constructed by TCWA and are serviced when ever a TCWA team is on that part of the stock route. Travellers using the Stock Route and therefore dunnies, are asked to empty the dunnies as per the procedure in each dunny if the dunny cart is near full. 

Well Location  Well Type
Well 3  Single
Well 6
Pierre Spring
Well 12  Single
Well 15  Single
Durba Spring  Double
Georgia Bore  Single
Well 26  Single
Well 41  Single
Well 49  Double
used in calendar and CSR
Punmu 2019

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