Piers Verstegen (Conservation Council WA) and Graham Weber (TCWA) drawing winners at the Perth Four Wheel Drive and Adventure Show 2018.

Our approach of establishing collaboration partnerships between Government Agencies, Volunteer Groups and Commercial Enterprises has worked to deliver sustainable management outcomes. One of our latest initiatives developed from this model, Tending the Tracks Alliance, is a partnership between Track Care, the Conservation Council and other 4W Drive organisations, with funding support from the State Government’s Natural Resource Management Program. This partnership was responsible for the recently opened Wanagarren Track.

There have been a number of potential projects that have been investigated including the Seabird to Guilderton Track. Although this track has potential to become a TTTA project it is rather complex and it is anticipated to “come online” at a later date.
The following map may be of interest and we acknowledge Google Earth for the base mapping together with Track Care members for their effort producing the GPS surveyed track shown.

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