Our Insurance Policy is a standard volunteering insurance policy for members that are involved in volunteering for Track Care WA and its’ projects. The policy has several unique features that have been negotiated by the Executive. Our Volunteers are additionally covered:

  • up to the age of 85.
    This was suggested to take care of our more experienced members.
  • for up to $10,000 for modification to their house or vehicle to accommodate serious injuries if occurring during volunteering.
  • there is no need for a register of volunteers on a project for the insurance to be valid.
  • when they are attending a Track Care project even if they are not a member but are simply working with a member as a volunteer.

There are conditions with our policy that narrow the cover:

  • The policy premium is calculated based on our best estimate of volunteer hours on projects averaged over a week. If we exceed the hours our claim would be put in jeopardy and therefore we ask for all hours to be recorded for each project and for each person.
  • Children under 12 are not covered because their parents would be spending more time supervising than volunteering and therefore reducing the volunteering effort. This is being pursued for various projects where this may not actually be the case.

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