Hi to all Wandooians,

As we turn the final page of 2023, I’ve been reflecting on my 9 months of Connection with the Wandoo National Park. It’s been an amazing journey from my first aghast reaction to seeing such a beautiful space looking quite neglected and untidy; then deciding to do something about that (and finding that our Club already had appropriate permissions in place!); surveying methodically along the Park’s roads and tracks; and launching into Action on the 23rd July 2023!  

A Humungous THANK YOU for the willingness and constructiveness of your help over the past 4 1/2 months of road clearing activity that Track Care WA have conducted in the Wandoo National Park. What we have already achieved is, I believe, just the first chapter in yet another legendary Track Care story.

Whenever I start talking about “The Wandoo” to friends, acquaintances (and even being overheard), people are getting really excited and are wanting to get out into The Wandoo to experience it for themselves. (Another Educational Project in the offing?)

When we started, there were just 4 gravel roads through the Wandoo National Park that were essentially clear to drive down: Pony Road; Helena Road; Gunapin Ridge Road (farm access) and Qualen Road.

Below are some maps showing our impact upon that situation – NOW another 18 roads or significant sections between roads are easy to traverse! It’s amazing what can be achieved that not only gives you a feeling of satisfaction it is also a significant help to the general public as well.

All the best for this coming New Year! And I’m looking forward to another heap of fun and comradeship working in the Wonderful Wandoo! 

In closing, for now – a quote by author and environmental activist Edward Abbey:

“We need wilderness whether or not we set foot in it. We need a refuge even though we may never need to go there. We need the possibility of escape as surely as we need hope.”

The Warmest of Regards

David Cowley

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