Most people are aware of the need to keep our beaches clean for the protection of our wildlife and the sheer look of the scenery but the volunteers at Track Care don’t just sit back and wait for someone to do something, we go out there and do it. Every year in fact!

Track Care has been working on the beaches of the south coast since 2011. In conjunction with Pemberton Discovery Tours and Tangaroa Blue our members, friends and family enjoy a great weekend away every November and do their little bit for the environment.

We are very fortunate to stay in Pemberton Discovery Tours private campground which is right in the thick of the wonderful karri forests of the Southwest They cater for groups only, so if you’ve got a large contingent, give them a call.

The Warren beach can produce some heart in the mouth moments with one of the longest hill climbs in WA up Callcup Hill to get out of the beach but it’s all in good fun with a lot of helpers nearby.

Visitors are welcome to join in on this project as you can use it as a “try before you buy” if you are considering membership.

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